I have never been great at organisation and during second year of university, I felt the strain of writing things down on a piece of paper and then losing the paper and having to annoy everyone on my course and ask. Starting from summer I want to be more organised, with what I'm doing day to day (I don't live an exciting life), to organising my blog posts more (I want to become a bit more serious in blogging) and of course when university rolls around. 

So I decided to pick three organisation methods and all products are from paper chase because I love that shop far too much!. If I could buy everything from there, I would!. 

L-R: Taking Tea - £12.00 | Primavera Wool - £16.00 | Zanzibar Leather - £20.00
Filofax organisers are not cheap but they come with a range of inserts from plain paper, coloured paper, lined paper, sticky notes, stickers etc. I think this will be the type of organiser I will purchase as they are compact (A5 size) and these three are my favourites. I love the taking tea one which looks so cute!. 

L-R: Doodles - £6.50 | Zig Zag - £9.00 | Lace Foil - £8.00
 Next are the dairies, I personally love the week to week view layout. This is because there is enough space to write (depending on writing size) and compared to the day to day view dairies, these are not as bulky and won't weigh your bag down when carrying it around. I did stick to this sort of dairy for a while at university and I loved it. My favourite out of the three is the lace foil design. 

L-R: Kraft Damask - 4.50 | Floral & Navy Stripe - £5.00 | Blue Lolly Floral - £5.00
Lastly are notebooks. These let you have full reign on how you want the layout to be and where things can be put. I've tried countless of times to have a notebook for my blog but I like having a set layout so I know where things go. However I love doodling notes, drawings and thoughts in notebooks. You can get a range of sizes from those handy little ones that can be carried in your bag to the larger ones which enables you to write down everything. 

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