I recently wrote a post which you can find here, about wanting to be more organised in my life. I decided there was no time like the present and when I found myself in Paperchase I bit the bullet and got myself the beautiful 'Taking Tea Pocket Organiser'.

This is made of cloth and is in the pocket size section of Filofaxes which means it is super compact and can fit nicely in a bag without being too big and bulky. It came with inserts which included information, diary, addresses, notes which I kept in and then planner and agenda which I took out because I'm not in need of them yet.

In the front it comes with 4 slots which receipts, cards, and little notes can fit easily and then a pocket for more papers and forms. There is also a pocket in the back for the same reason and on the inside of the clasp it has a pen holder! which is super handy since I always loose pens.

There wasn't much inserts that I wanted or they had in my local paper chase but ended up picking up these sticky notes which will be helpful for reminders and if I want to change my blog posts and when I want to post them. I also decided to pick up some coloured ruled note paper to make my Filofax more colourful and I can dedicate a different colour for a different thing.

I also want to pick up some pocket zip wallets and to do inserts as these will be super handy to have. Maybe also will have to pick up the address inserts because I am not fond of the ones which it came with.

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