Seventeen Phwoarr Paint | Collection Lasting Perfection | Rimmel Wake Me Up | Benefit Erase Paste
 Concealer is a must have for me in my makeup routine and finding the right concealer to do the things you want it to do is a tricky business and I've not fully solved the problem yet. However these four concealers have come pretty damn close to perfect in my eyes.

So what do I want these concealers to do? and do these do the job?
Hide blemishes? Check
Reduce redness? Check
Brighten areas? Check

I use the phwoarr paint and erase paste for when I want a more heavier coverage. I love both the textures and they last a pretty long time for me. These are actually my second time repurchasing these and I wouldn't hesitate to do so again. I've already nearly finished the erase paste and hit pan on the phwoarr paint. 

Collections lasting perfection concealer is also another repurchase and I totally agree with people when they say it's amazing! I use this mostly to brighten under my eyes but is also great at hiding those pesky blemishes. The only thing I hate about this product is that the writing rubs off really easily and I end up with black all over my hands. Lastly is a new purchase of mine which is the Rimmel wake me up, which I am in love with. Perfect for brightening areas and concealing and isn't too heavy and blends perfectly. 

What are your favourite concealers?

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