Ever have those days where you just want to curl up in bed and watch movies and eat chocolate and ice cream. Yeah those are the best days and I always seem to reach for the same movies and I love it.

Musicals are a must when you feel sick as they perk you right up and who doesn't love a good boogie in bed!. Chicago and Hairspray are my most loved and I can't help but sing along, rewind and sing again. Chicago is my favourite and have loved it for years. The songs are brilliant as is hairspray and the whole 60's vibe and the hair is oh my god!.

Another must is Disney. Disney is a staple in movie nights anyway. They are funny, they have songs, they have sad moments and happy moments and they make you feel like a little child again. The little mermaid has and always will be my favourite but wreck it Ralph and Frozen are at the top also.

Lastly is the breakfast club which I love to death and I went through a phase of watching it every day. It's just a good movie that when you are sick it's easy to watch as it doesn't require your full attention. You know those movies like shutter island where you have to pay all your attention to understand (or in my case pretend you do).

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