My mum treated me to this little beauty when we went to Leeds for the day. I had never heard of Guerlain before but my gosh they have the most beautiful packaging and products. Even their fragrance is magical. After much debating I settled on this lipstick which is the 'rouge automatique' in the shade 'nude pink' and I am in love.

Admittedly I do not use this as much as I should or would like but It's far too pretty and it was expensive (cough £24 cough) This shade though is a perfect pink which when applied makes a great statement lip or it can be blended to be more subtle.

The lasting power of this lipstick is great and last a while before needing a top up. The application is creamy and smooth and doesn't dry out the lips. I love the packaging, and they have other ranges of lipsticks which have unique packaging as well. My mum purchased a lipstick which when taken out its case a lid on the case pops open to reveal a mirror! classy or what!. 

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