On the 1st of June I was invited to my first ever blog event which was hosted by the lovely Kloe and Danni who were both super lovely. The event involved, gossip, raffles, goodie bags and lots and lots of cake. By lots of cake I mean, three tables full of delicious cakes, biscuits, cupcakes, buns and a pie.

I attempted to bake kit lat brownies but they got stuck onto the tray and broke and it became a big gooey chocolate mess on a plate. I have learnt that I am no baker and I'm glad I didn't bring my creation since everyones baked goods looked so delicious. I wish I had tried more but damn my shyness.  I did however try an after eight cookie made by the lovely Cate and my gosh they were so delicious and amazing, they were gone so fast but luckily she has the recipe on her blog! I ate it so fast I even forgot to take a picture. My second favourite baked good was this cornflake cake with pastry and jam but I'm not sure who made that! it was so yummy I could have had the whole lot. 

I didn't take many pictures and I wish I had but I had an amazing time. There was a raffle which I didn't win, which is standard since I don't normally win anything. However I know a lot was raised for Macmillan Cancer and I'm happy to have taken part. Everyone seemed really friendly and I wish I could have overcome my anxiety and shyness to talk more. However you live and you learn. 

There was also a goodie bag for everyone and there was a load of delicious and amazing gifts given by some amazing companies and I can't wait to review and test them all out!. I can't wait to use the Lush face masks and try the Gloworm drinks! I already ate the popcorn since It is my favourite brand ever. 

All in all I had a good day but I just wish that I had more courage to say hello to other people. The event also showed me that I really need to brush up on my non existing baking skills.! Just want to say a massive thank you to getting invited.

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