I always say I blog about my life, but I recently realised that I've never mentioned the most important person (she does think she's human/cat) in my life. Say hello to my baby Cassie. She is a 4 year old cavalier king Charles. She is a little madam, she is spoilt rotten, think she's better then me, she likes to tear up the mail and pounce on the door yet I can not imagine my life without her.

She has literally been my best friend, always comes and gives me a cuddle when she knows I'm upset.  She loves to play hours of catching balls and chases birds and squirrels when on a walk. She hasn't quite learnt that squirrels can climb yet so likes to run around the trees. She loves nothing more then curling up on the bed and snoring her head off. She loves to push my laptop off my knee when wanting attention and is always there when food is around. She also is not a fan of her picture being taken!. 

She can do a range of tricks like high five, high ten, beg, play dead, speak, give kisses and she's also learnt to roll her play balls down the stairs and catch them if she is the only one who wants to play. Her favourite past time is sleeping, mainly the beds, the sofa or next to the front door. She likes being picked up like a baby and receiving hugs and kisses.

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