A while ago i started following MONCOU on Instagram and fell in love with the pieces that were being shown and decided to purchase these two beauties. I actually purchased them on different days but the shipping was cheap and quick and they came packaged wonderfully and none of my items came damaged or broken. Also the jewellery itself isn't super expensive and I think you get so much for the money they are.

The products themselves are beautiful and really well made. I can tell a lot of care and love has been put into these two pieces and I feel like they will last me a good while. So on to the two products I have but I will most likely make another cheeky purchase soon.

So this is the Hamsa ribbon choker and it is currently on sale at the moment. You can also get a cross, pentagram, a peace sign and Yin Yang so there is plenty to choose from!. I went with the Hamsa hand because I love them, however as you can tell from the first picture it's a bit too big for my neck and doesn't really sit like a choker but I'm not bothered. I love the length it it and I'm pretty sure I could have made it a little tighter (oops on my part!) it opens and closes with a little lobster trigger clasp so I know it won't break any time soon.

This was actually my first product I ordered, it's the Cross Noir Choker and it's just a simple cross on a black wire. It is my favourite out of the two and I love wearing this so much. I love how it sits on my neck and doesn't choke me like some other chokers I've had in the past. This feels so well made and I'm not sure what the fastener is called but it twists and untwists so it's super sturdy and won't break. The only problem I have with this and it's so tiny and most likely only me who is a little bit bothered, but the ring that attaches the pendant to the wire, I think I would prefer it to be black but it's not a major problem (Just me being picky).

All in all I just love these products and have my eye on this little beauty.

Love, Emma.

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