So today I thought I would show you two gadgets which have been life savers in two different ways. They are my 'i'm glad I spent my money on these instead of that makeup i was going to get instead'. Yes they are them types of gadgets. So on with the show as they say.

The first one is this Samsung disc player (I think that's the name). I've had this for a while and it's been a life saver while at university and when I'm back at home and my TV is not. It is basically a DVD player however I'm pretty sure it can play C.D's as well which is a bonus. It's used with a USB cable which can connect to any USB port. I got this due to my laptop not having a disc compartment (good going Mac Book Air.) and when at uni I've come to realise that when I was getting ready or was on my own and in bed, I wanted to watch movies/ TV shows and I couldn't do that. If I remember correctly this was cheap (around £20) and it's super light and compact meaning you could take it with you when travelling. I just think this is super handy to have if, like me, you can't play DVDS on your laptop and if you have a TV with a USB port I'm pretty sure it would work with that as well!. So handy to have.

I actually got this pretty recently and this is a life saver! it is called 'Portable Power Bank for Mobile Devices'. This was from Maplin and cost me £20 which is a fraction of what the apple one goes for (Ahem £50) and it comes with different phone heads so it can charge any type of phone which is a plus as I can share if I want to. It comes with it's own charger which you can see and provides up to 30 hours of charge for an iPhone which means that you can get a good amount of chargers from it before having to charge the actual little guy. I've been needing one of these for ages due to me constantly on my phone and sometimes you are just never near a charger. Another plus is I won't have to take my charger and cables won't be any where. I purchased this cute Hello Kitty phone case (seen behind) for £3 in Claire's and it fits the power bank and a spare cable in perfectly. Also since it's a flip case I put the strings of the velvet bag which holds all the charger heads and the power bank/phone charger in so that they won't get lost and they are all together in my bag. I'm in love!

Love, Emma x

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