On Thursday 15th of May in the morning I got an email telling me that the Maleficent collection had been released (Hooray for signing up to get told!) having always missed collections and finding out too late and them never having what I want to purchase, I rushed home and ordered myself the products which took my fancy.

These turned out to be the Maleficent eye shadow x4 palette which included the shades 'Ground Brown', 'Goldmine', 'Carbon' and 'Concrete'. I'm pretty sure these colours are in the normal range since they don't have names which relate to the movie like they normally do. However I've been wanting to pick these colours minus the gold for a while and the packaging is A star. I've actually liked the gold and think when used a little can add a little something to my eyes. This was £33.00 which is cheaper then making your own palette as the eyeshadow retails at £10.00 and the palette itself is £6.50.

L-R: Goldmine, Ground Brown, Concrete and Carbon

Lastly I also purchased the lipstick in the shade True Love's Kiss which is an amplified finish. The packaging is again A star so simple and elegant. The colour itself is described to be a 'clean bright red'. I would say that it is a red with a pink tinge to it. I adore the colour and one that I can personally wear as an everyday colour. The lipstick was £16.50 and worth every penny for me as even though I have so many lipsticks I don't actually have any in the shade. Perfect for the summer coming up!.

True Love's Kiss on with no lip liner or gloss on top.

Did you get anything from the collection or what would you love to own?

Love, Emma x

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