These are the pieces that I wear day in and day out and never change. I love every single item and I don't think I have a reason or nor do I want to change this at the moment. So I shall start with the rings, all of these are Pandora and all but one If i remember correctly were given to me as gifts by my mum for my birthday, Christmas and just because which is far too nice for her. My most favourite ring out of them all has to be the heart one because it's so cute and pretty.

On my wrist I wear a lot of hair bands which aren't featured and this Pandora rope bracelet that one of my best friends gave to me for free because she doesn't wear it. How nice is that! made me well up. I love the simpleness of it and I don't think I will be putting charms on it unless it was one that I absolutely fell in love with but that hasn't happened yet.  Next on my opposite wrist is this lovely silver Casio watch which has a burgundy face. My mum got me this for Christmas just gone and I am in love. Ive been wanting one for a few years and when I saw this I knew I needed it. However I have no idea how to work the alarms and somehow I have set up several so it beeps at random times of different days.

Lastly is this necklace which I wear everyday since I got it. One of my best friends brought me this as a gift from her holiday and the little lump you can see in it says my name which is amazing since it was handmade. I love this necklace as it's the perfect length and also as it has sentimental value. It can also be shortened into a choker but I love it how it is.

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