So in October time I decided I wanted a new tattoo, and once I got the thought in my head It would not leave. Within 5 minutes my friend had persuaded me to Facebook message the man who did my first tattoo in the middle of a boring lecture and I had an appointment for the next day. I persuaded my other friend to ditch her class early the next day and we set off to where he was based.

This was a massive fail since they had decided to move, and not promote this on the Facebook page and he never even told me through message. So I waited around for 20 minutes until he messaged me and told me where he was now based, which was his house. I decided I didn't want him to do it anymore since it wasn't that professional, hanging in a random mans house.

So the next day me and my friend who had came with me decided we would both get tattoo's this time at 'Skins and Needles' which is where I went to get my first tattoo and is based in Middlesbrough. So we booked in for that very day. My tattoo artist was Akira and he was so nice and let me leave a £10 deposit and my design so he could draw it up.

I think my tattoo cost about £40 since it was a semi big quote, and I decided to get it a little above my ankle on the opposite leg as my first. (I like them to be symmetrical). The pain wasn't that bad, I'd say a medium of 3/5 for the pain. However the dot's on the letters were a 4/5 and as was when he went over the bone. I find that talking helps with the pain as it gives you something to concentrate so all three (as my friend came with me to get hers done straight after me) chatted about my hometown and Akira told us drunken stories of being in my hometown. My tattoo took around 15 minutes to do and I'm in love and even if I got anymore I think it will still be my favourite.

So above is my tattoo and it is the quote 'All the effort in the world. Won't matter if you're not inspired'. This quote has stuck with me since the first time I read it and it just makes sense and helps me do the things I love. This quote is from the book 'Diary' from my all time favourite author Chuck Palahniuk. So it seemed fitting to get an amazing quote which I try to live by, which is also by a man who influences me and is one of my inspirations.

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