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Jack and Michael Whitehall

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This book is a portrait of the pretty odd relationship I have with my elderly father. It's given me an opportunity to share memories of him losing his temper with foreigners on holidays, being rude to my mother's family at Christmas and failing epically during the fathers' race at my prep school. He's also written some stories about me, but can I just say, before you read anything, that I recall being a calm, well-behaved and learned child, not the intellectually subnormal, mal-coordinated dipshit that he paints me as. Nor am I, as he suggests inside, a sex addict, a flasher or a Scientologist.' - Jack

'How dare Jack refer to me as elderly! People always tell me how young I look for my age. In this book, I have at last been able to recount the many occasions when I have been let down by my only son. He failed on the stage, the sports field and he even screwed up the interview for his first boarding school by pretending he had mental health issues. Despite being practically illiterate, he tells stories about me, strewn with grammatical errors and peppered with endless exaggerations and lies. I was a kind, doting father, who guided his son through his formative years with love, care and respect.' - Michael

'I'm not your only son, what about Barnaby?'
'Oh yes, I forgot about Barnaby.'

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I have been a fan of Jack Whitehall for a while and I love his stand up and his show bad education. This book was hilarious and I laughed so much that I didn't want it to end. I loved that both son and dad took a chapter each to tell their own version and I loved the fact they both annotated over certain things which made the book extra funny and original.

I loved reading the childhood stories of Jack and it makes you get to know not only him as a child but also how his relationship with his father is and was like.

I've hear the audio tape is even more better since they both narrate it and I think it would be even funnier listening to the them read the book out loud.

This is a great concept for a biography and I enjoyed it so much. I think people who are a fan of Jack and his father will love this book.

I gave this book

5 out of 5.

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