Hey Lovelies, So the month of January saw my bank account get smaller and smaller the more makeup I got. Damn Boots and their amazing offers. Some of these products I've been wanting for a while and some just looked so appealing. Is it also okay to blame my friend since she didn't stop me buying so much, but encouraged me! I mean I did encourage her as well but that's beside the point.

I can't remember all the deals that Boots had to offer or the prices I bought some of these products but I can give the original price which is just as good. My poor student loan got a big dent but don't worry, I saved a wee bit! (Plus my banks not near an overdraft which is great, yay)

Sorry if this post is far too long. 



. Elf Contouring Blush + Bronzer in St Lucia - £3.75
. Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser - £7.99
. Bourjois Healthy Mix - £9.99
. MUA Matte Perfect Primer - £4.00
.Bourjois Bronzing Powder - £6.99
Rimmel Clear Complexion in Transparent - £3.99

A lot of these face products are stuff I've heard people rave about on youtube and on Instagram. I have to say I've not used the Elf blush and bronzer that much but it looks really pretty and the blush and bronzer contemplate each other so nicely plus the packaging is super sleek.

 I have to say the Maybelline baby skin primer was so hyped up and it let me down so much, it's just so oily on my skin and makes my hands and face greasy which isn't good for my skin.

 The Bourjois healthy mix has been talked about all over and I'm picky over what foundations I would put on my face, I didn't think it would be a good coverage and the price was iffy if I didn't like it. However I decided to finally pick it up and I love it so much! it's now my favourite one of all time and will more then likely repurchase when I've finished it. 

The MUA matte primer is okay, it's not the best but it doesn't make my face and hands feel greasy which is a good thing. For £4.00 it could be better but it could also be worse.

The Bourjois Bronzing Powder is also one product which has been raved about for a long time but up until recently I've never been into bronzing and contouring (and now I love it). This is amazing and I love it so much and the smell is incredible. Honestly you should got to boots or super drug and just smell it. So nice. 

Lastly is the Rimmel Clear Complexion in transparent and this is so lovely. I've been and still am on the hype train for the Rimmel Stay matte powder but now I'm halfway on the clear complexion train as well. It makes my skin look so smooth and clear it's lovely especially for those of you who don't want a matte finish. 



. MUA Luxe Pretty Edgy - £8.00
. ELF Eye Enhancing Eyeshadow Hazel Eyes 2 - £2.40
. Soap & Glory Lid Stuff in Smokey Dokey - £10.00
. MUA Ever After Matte - £4.00
. Urban Decay Naked 3 - £37.00 

This MUA pretty edgy palette instantly caught my eye with it's gorgeous colours which are pigmented fairly well and the palette itself is amazing with studs on the lid.

I'm not too fond of the ELF palette but then again I haven't really given it a chance which I might soon so I can give a better review on it. The colours are really nice and complement hazel eyes beautifully.

This Soap and Glory palette has become one of my favourites so quickly. The shade 'diamondust' is my go to inner eye colour and 'black gold' or 'smoking' is so nice as a crease colour as it's so build able for a soft look or a dark look.

I haven't really gave the ever after palette a chance yet apart from 'Taffeta' which I wasn't majorly impressed with however it was a good highlight colour for below my eyebrows. I should really give it a go and may use it soon.

. ELF Single Eyeshadow in Wild Wheat, Mystic Moss, Amethyst and Pebble - £3.75 Each
. Natural Collection in Lilac Shimmer - £1.79
. MUA Pearl in Shade 25 - £1.00
. Maybelline Color Tattoo in Permanent Taupe and Metallic Pomegranate - £4.99 Each
. Collection Eyeshadow Pencil in Hot Chocolate, Vintage Blush and Midnight Glam - £3.19 Each
. Max Factor Dip In Eye Shadow in Posh Pink, Ultra Violent - £5.99 Each

Some of these ELF eyeshadow are hit and miss but they are okay for the price and I went in quite blind when buying them. My favourite of the bunch is Mystic Moss which is actually super pigmented and blends nicely.

The natural collection is super pretty as a inner eye colour and I have used it daily since I purchased it. It's such a good colour payoff for how much it is and recommend it to anyone who wants a cheap eyeshadow.

I have become a major fan of this MUA colour which is a burgundy colour which I have been loving lately. Most of MUA eye shadows have great pigmentation and this is no exception and it's great to blend with other colours or on it's own.

Maybelline color tattoos are my all time favourite eye shadows and I love them so much. Metallic Pomegranate has quickly become my firm favourite and has overtaken pink gold. I just love the colour and how it can be worn on it's own or with a dark colour to make a smokey eye.

I've only tried the vintage blush eyeshadow pencil but I think it's really nice and doesn't scratch on the eye, it's creamy and has a lovely colour payoff. I should really try out the other two colours but I'm unsure on how to wear them just yet. 

The Posh Pink Max Factor Dip In Eye Shadow is lovely and I also love the packaging. I think It's so cute and sleek. The colour is great and looks so nice for an everyday barely there makeup.  I need to try the Ultra Violet but I'm sure it's gonna be great.


. Revlon Lash Potion in Blackest Black - £9.99
. Revlon 3D Volume in Blackened Brown - £10.99
. Rimmel Day 2 Night in Black - £7.99
. L'oreal Mega Volume Miss Manga in Black - £8.99

I'm not a massive fan of the lash potion and reminds me a lot of the Revlon Grow Luscious mascara. I love the wand as it's big and gives my lashes good volume and full looking.

The Revlon 3d Volume has become one of my favourites and has already overtaken the Maybelline Great Lash. It makes my eyelashes look amazing with only a few coats and is a great mascara for a night out. 

The Day 2 Night is okay, I'm only fond of the length part of the wand as it's nice and thin and gets to all the lashes. I also find that the volume part of the wand attracts all the mascara and clumps it up so my eyelashes would just look ridiculous and very spidery. Not the greatest look ever.

Miss manga has also become one of my new favourites and the wand is incredible and is flexible so it can get to all the lashes. This mascara makes my eyes look incredible and big (hence the name of it). Also the packaging is super duper pretty.

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