Hey lovelies,

I've been so stressed recently due to housemates, arguments, illness and housing problems that I just decided to treat myself. I'm allowed and how could I not buy these cute things it's what my student loan is for right? (I know it's not but let's pretend it is for now)

I've been collecting Pop! Vinyl Figures since September when I saw them in the shop Forbidden Planet. I think they are so cute and have a range of them from Disney, marvel, adventure time, star wars and the walking dead to name a few. This is my third one and I saw it instantly and picked it up and could you believe it just didn't want to leave my hand!. The little mermaid is one of my favourite Disney films of all time so I knew Ursula had to be in my little collection! I'm hoping they have Ariel at some point!.

Adventure Time is one of my favourite TV shows and BMO (BEEMO) is my second favourite character. I mean look at that little smile on his face. I just love the size of this little plush and it's so soft and cute. 

LSP or Lumpy Space Princess is my all time favourite character from Adventure Time. I love her so much and I think that's cos she's so sassy. If you don't know who she is then 'Oh my Glob' where have you been! (What the lump is my second favourite quote). Again like BMO, she is such a cute size and soft. 

Lady Rainicorn - £7.99

Lady Rainicorn is so cute, how can you not like a unicorn that's also part rainbow. (Unicorn + Rainbow = Rainicorn! ) She's not my favourite character but I do think she's cute and plus she's long and soft and just looks great! All I need now it Jake and Finn and I have them all for now! 

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