I used to read all the time and in summer of 2013 that's all i did, I read, I watched youtube videos of books. I basically lived, breathed and ate books. Since coming back to uni, books had to take a backseat unless they are university books I need to read.

I've missed reading just for fun and decided enough was enough and told myself that I can enjoy reading while still giving enough time to uni. With this in mind and just finishing my books that I had before and for Christmas I decided to treat myself to some new books and Waterstones had a buy one get one free offer. Even WHSmith is having a massive sale on books.

So the books i have treated myself too are: Eleanor & Park
                                                                    The Book Thief
                                                                    If You Find Me
                                                                   It's Kind Of A Funny Story

Many of these books are YA bordering adult fiction which I like because they aren't all too heavy on me for just starting back into serious reading. Some of these are also ones which I wanted to pick up in summer but by the time I got around to getting them my mum had me on a spending ban (boo). All of them have been raved about and they all sound so interesting. Also I've been wanting to pick up Lolita for about 2 years but the cover I wanted (yes! I'm a book cover snob) was never in the stores and only recently did I gather the courage to ask Waterstones to order me in book. Fangirl spoke to me in many ways and I've already devoured it and may do a review, that could be fun, all I will say for now is that it sounds a lot like me, I used to write fan fiction all the time about band members and got a good fan base from it.

From all this it sounds like I should do a English/ writing degree but alas I don't want the pressure of university to ever make me hate reading.

What are some of your favourite books? and what would you recommend.?

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