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A triple-strength conditioner for when your hair needs to get back on track.
Retread helps to mend the outer shaft of the hair cuticle by coating and strengthening the hair with oils, fresh fruit and yoghurt. Just use a generous scoop of this heavyweight conditioner and let it get to work.


£10.25 for 245g

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What's In It From Lush

We make a base from lanolin and agar agar, a seaweed gel, which gives Retread its thick consistency and protects and conditions the hair. We then take jojoba oil, avocado oil, and extra virgin olive oil to add moisture and shine. Fresh cantaloupe melon go in there for its cleansing enzymes, and yoghurt and soya milk for protein and to add extra shine.

What I Think

My hair was in desperate need for something to give it more life and less dead. Due to bleaching my hair and most likely the fact I haven't actually been to a hairdressers since last May (Which is bad I know) the bottom of my hair is dead, dying and splitting. I had tried a few conditioners but nothing that really helped and just left it feeling soft for a day or two.

I went to Lush on whim and decided to try Retread since it said it was a triple strength conditioner and that has to be good right? 

Right! it was, my hair looked instantly healthy after one go and honestly I was so amazed that I made my friends touch my hair. I do however have to use quite a big scoop but I had a good 10 (?) scoops to last me. After using it, my split ends were less noticeable which was great and my hair was so soft and healthy looking for a good while. 

One thing that I did dislike about this product is the smell. It has a very strong smell which I can't really place my finger on but it wasn't that pleasant in my opinion. However the results I got from using the conditioner completely makes me disregard the smell and I think I will most likely repurchase this product again.

I would give this product a:

4 out of 5 stars.

Apart from the smell and the price is a tad steep this product is great and worth the money.

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