Today I thought I would show you whats on my windowsill. It shows my personality the most in the room (apart from my bookshelf) and also all my loves grouped together. So as you can see there isn't a lot of things on my windowsill just because I hate it looking cluttered and I like to have as much light come into the room as possible. 

1 side

So on this side of my windowsill I have a photo frame which was a present for my birthday and I love it, in it I have a photo of me and my girls from uni (when of our drunken times of many) and I think it's such a great picture of us all and will always remind me and sums up my first year of university. At the side of the frame I have my two money banks, the first is this really cute pikachu money box which was actually my brothers. He has had since he was little and was going to throw it, but i saved it and cleaned it up and now holds all my copper. In front of that I have my Wham jar which was from next and used to hold loads of mini wham bars and now it has all my silver coins. 

2nd side

On the second side Is just simple really and has my two most loved plushes which are my Drop Dead Namaikina plush which I purchased when there was a sale as it is pretty pricey on normal price. Lastly is my Stitch plush which I got for a Christmas present of my mum and I just love him so much.They are both so soft and cuddly. 


So above my windowsill is the large dream catcher. I purchased this from a cute quaint shop when I was on holiday in Cornwall and am in love with it. It's a perfect size and and a gorgeous blue which also matches my room. I just love it hanging up on my window and above my bed. Ready to catch my dreams.

Emma x

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