I was never one for skincare back in the day apart from the odd spot creams and serums that worked and then didn't after a while. I was never one for trying new skincare products because many out there were expensive and honestly I got a bit lost with all the names and claims. A couple of months ago I decided to get a proper skincare routine put in place because I know my skin won't always be youthful. 

. Nivea daily essentials extra gentle makeup remover - Boots
. St Ives blemish fighting apricot scrub - Boots
. Nivea oil free moisturising day cream - Boots
. Quick fix exfoliating scrub mask for blackheads and blocked pores - Boots.

The makeup remover is really good, however it is a small product but for the price I can't complain. This smells really fresh and clean and doesn't leave your face feeling oily or greasy. The last thing is that this is suited for all skin types. The St Ives is a holy grail for a lot of people and me included, it leaves the skin feeling soft and clean and helps reduce spots and the build up of oils and dirt. This product is defiantly worth the price and highly recommend it. This day cream has done me well these last few months that i swear by it and use it without fail. This also like the Nivea make up remover has a lovely fresh clean smell and leaves the skin also feeling baby bum soft. Every few days I like to use this quick fix scrub mask to deep cleanse my face and it's a good product, it reduces redness and blackheads, I have noticed a slight difference on my nose and chin. 

What are some skincare products you swear by?

Emma x

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