I thought I would show you my bookshelf because books are one of my most loved things and reading is my number one hobby and favourite thing to do. I actually got this bookshelf a few weeks after I came home from university since I decorated my bedroom and wanted one so bad. By the way guys it's not crooked or slanted it's my rubbish camera skills (oops). I love the set up of my bookshelf and just get so happy looking at it (sad as that seems). 

The top

So at the top of my shelf I have my Yankee tart burner with a cute me to you teddy on top, a small box with my tarts and coupons in and next to that I have the cute popular 'all my friends are dead' book which has been around tumblr and seen in Urban Outfitters. I however found it in a charity shop for a measly 99p (Can I hear you say bargain!). In front I have this floral tray which matches my curtains perfectly and which I purchased from Tesco. On it I have my perfumes and sprays, my little Dumbo ornament and sunglasses and a 200 Disney Land pin. To the left I have my Disney Traditions, Tigger, Cheshire Cat, Eeyore and Bambi (who sadly broke in two places).  However this set up may or may not change fairly soon due to my new makeup storage.

1st Shelf

This is my favourite shelf out of them all mainly because it houses all my Doctor Who. I also love the layout of this shelf and think that everything just fits perfectly without looking too cluttered and full. So on the left I have all my classics stacked up apart from my Shirley Jackson books, the massive book on the bottom is a collection of Jane Eyre novels. In front I have a Tardis mug which actually comes with a lid but I just took that off and placed all my bookmarks in the mug. The middle of the shelf has all my Doctor Who books, I have a massive encyclopedia which I got for my birthday, I have the last four of the 50th anniversary books (I still need to get the rest) and all the rest are smaller reads featuring the older doctors. Next to them I have a David Tennant figure which I got for my Birthday (my friends know me so well). Next to them I have a kindle case and a few letters and brochures. Lastly I have all my Chuck Palahniuck books, he is my favourite author of all time and I love love love his books. In front of that is a Hello Kitty beanie ball. (It's so gosh darn cute!)

2nd and 3rd Shelf.

My second shelf is home to all my series and start of series and also hardbacks. So on the right I have another Hello Kitty plush which I adore and behind her I have all my hardback books, some John Green and three books which are a first novel of a series. Next to them I have my Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld, I've only read the first two but I love it. Next to those I have all my Gillian Flynn books which look so nice together, my Hunger Games trilogy (which I need to read) and two first books of a series. Lined up on the left is the first four of the mortal instrument books by Cassandra Clare and which reminds me to go and watch it at the cinemas!. Next to those I have Hush Hush and Crescendo and also Miss Peregrines home for peculiar children. In front of that I have an Arizona green tea bottle because it's cute as a button.

On the 3rd and last shelf I have a collection of different books. I have some horror, crime, YA, psychological thrillers, real life and some. These don't really have an order I just did the same layout as the 2nd shelf because It gave me more room. 

I'd love to know what you think of my bookshelf and if you have any recommendations for books you may think I would like.

Emma x

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