Stippling Brush - £3.00
Shade 20 Eyeshadow - £1.00
Shade 16 Eyeshadow - £1.00
Shade 19 Fashionista Eyeshadow - £1.65

I decided to nosey on the MUA website and found myself buying a few things. I've been wanting some neutral pink shades for my eyes because I love the almost nude look. For the price these eye shadows are amazing, they are nicely pigmented, they don't feel like chalk and are a good investment for people who are just starting to wear makeup as they don't break the bank!

I needed a stippling brush and decided to buy this to see what it's like. It's very soft and nice and does the job but I would have liked it to be a bit more firmer. However it's a great brush to do highlighting and blending concealer. 

All in all I do love MUA even though it's sometimes hit and miss with pigmentation. I have a lot of products and 99.9% are serving and have served me well. 

Up - Down
Black - Shade 20
Nude Glimmer Fashionista - Shade 19
Pink - Shade 16

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