So today I thought I would show you my top and favourite apps which are on my phone. My phone is the Galaxy S3 and it's amazing, I really do like it even though I am desperate for the new Iphone when it come out. 

I try and test out new free apps all the time, firstly because I don't like paying for apps, It's pointless because I always end up getting bored of them a few weeks or months later. However these five apps have been with me for a long time and since they first have been created. These are my most used and loved and checked upon apps that I have and I am so glad that they are free.

The first app that I have is the Tumblr app, I am obsessed with Tumblr. You can get a whole range of pictures from funny to serious, to beautiful and simple to elegant and creative. There is something for everyone on Tumblr and I have no shame in saying that I take pride in my blog making sure it has a mixture of what I love, feel, think and wish I had. (It makes you very envious of the beautiful people, places and food.)

The second app that I have it the most loved and checked on and that is Instagram. Just like Tumblr you get a whole range of pictures (and videos) and there are some amazing people on this site. I love the whole concept of posting a photo of anything which shows a lot of who you are and what you love. It's a quick and effective way to promote unknown shops, blogs, youtube channels and more. I love looking through peoples photos (and not feeling like a stalker).

The third app is Snapchat. Oh how I love this app. I can pull crazy faces or make stupid short videos and then it's gone after ten seconds. It's a great and funny way to communicate with friends and showing them something quickly. It does catch me off guard when people screenshot but oh well. I also love how when the app refreshes and the ghosts dance. Small things amuse small minds as they say.

Pinterest is an amazing website and app where people can post anything they like. It's a great way to find new products, new shops, and creative DIY's that always look and sound so simple. It gives me a lot of inspiration for a whole range of things from nails to house decor. Also all the food looks super yummy and I wish I could cook like that.

The last app is actually a photo editor and is called Snapseed. This app has amazing and beautiful filters and frames. It's an easy and simple app to use for any picture. I mostly use it instead of the Instagram filters and also to brighten up some photos a tiny bit.

What are some of your favourite apps?

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