I reading books and naturally when I see a book I like the look of and want to read I will usually buy it and I'm a big sucker for when I see books on sale or offers which I can not refuse. So naturally I have a collection of books which I have not read yet and some of these I've had for a few months or others are books I got at the beginning of August. I really need to get cracking and read some so I'm not hauling all of them to university. So as they say onwards and upwards.

These are my classic unread books. I'm not the knowledgeable on classics and there are all the famous ones such as Dracula and Little Women that everyone loves and reads and recommends. I always get put off classics for two reasons. 1. I won't like it and will feel like I have missed out on something, and 2. That I will not understand the writing due to them being written in another century. The thickness of Little Women is a bit off putting but I found it in a charity shop and I couldn't leave it. Dracula has always been a classic I've wanted to read and picked it up at the works for £1.99. The last two are by the much raved Shirley Jackson who apparently writes amazing horror stories of her time. I'm the most excited to read them.

I love Doctor Who and can't wait to read these three little books, I have a few more which are like these and enjoyed them so much. A lot of people on you tube have raved about Zadie Smith's book N-W and it was fairly cheap in Tesco so I decided to pick it up. Hunting Lila and The ocean at the end of the lane are books I have just not read yet for no reason then they haven't interested me as much lately. Dark Paradise is a book I won on Goodreads and just need a bit of motivation to read it.

Yes I know, It's shocking that I actually have never read the Hunger Games series and still haven't. Again like the classics I'm scared to read these due to the fact that everyone loves and raves about them and if I don't like them then I am missing out. Also I heard that Mocking Jay is rubbish which puts me off slightly. Specials and Extras by Scott Westerfeld are the last two of the series called Uglies. I've read the first two and they are amazing and I can't wait to carry on with the last two. Might pick up the third book straight after writing this. 

City of Ashes to City of Fallen Angels are books 2 - 4 of the Mortal Instruments series which the first book was amazing. I loved it and should really pick up the rest of the books after I have read these three. Clockwork Angel has not been read purely for the fact that I feel a bit intimidated of how thick it is. Maybe because I'm lazy. The last two are something I picked up as a pair because I had heard of them and it was cheap, I've heard a mixture of good and bad about these books.

I have all these books because they were cheap, on offer, and I had always wanted to read Sherlock stories, I had heard good things about the end of Mr Y and Beyond Evil sounded really interesting and a good read. I just need to find time to get around to reading these. Hopefully soon.

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