I am not good at painting my nails, i envy those who can do beautiful designs and create work of arts. I mostly stick to the same colours as you can see in the picture and I'm okay with that, I prefer darker colours to light because I think they work better with my skin colour. These 8 little beauties are my go to polish every time i want to paint my nails. Also on a plus my nails are finally growing and I'm hoping that they don't break. I very rarely paint my nails dies to them spending their time being little bitten messes and I always hate the outcome.

. Hidden Treasure - Topshop
. Brilliant strength in Entice - Revlon
. Number 307 - Stargazer
. Hypnotic - Topshop (not available anymore)
. Mint Green - Barry M
. Scented strawberry pastel pink - Models Own
. Berry Ice cream - Barry M
. Matte about you - Essie

My top favourite nail polish will have to be hands down, by a long shot the Topshop and stargazer polishes. I just love the multi tonal look they give your nail, giving it that bit more something. They are however all sheer with one coat but they are build able which is a plus. I adore the Essie 'matte about you' it creates the perfect matte texture and gives you a nice finish for just a plain nail polish. I lose seeing the effect taking place. I cant get enough of the scented models own and the smell is so much like strawberries it's unreal! Revlon has such a nice colour and two coats make it perfect however this polish is very prone to chipping easily. Barry M is just amazing with their nail polishes and should really get my hands on some of the gelly ones. They have such a good colour selection and one coat is sometimes more then enough.

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