. Authentic Black and White lo pro - Schuh
.  Paint Pot in Painterly - Mac (Debenhams)
. Of Sheffield tee - Drop Dead
. Honey - Marc Jacobs - Debenhams
. A new tattoo.

I love these black and white vans, I think they would be a great staple shoe to match any outfit and also I can finally replace my grey pair which have holes everywhere. I've heard so much good things about the Mac paint pot in painterly and It seems like such a lovely colour for a base or for even on it's own for a barely there makeup look. Okay, so yes, this top may be a mans T-shirt but that doesn't mean that I can't rock it. I just want the beautiful fox okay. (It's the price that puts me off otherwise this would be mine in a heartbeat). I love the smell of this perfume and the bottle is the cutest, also it will match my dot by Marc Jacobs beautifully. So so many ideas for a new tattoo but I'm such a wuss when It comes to pain.

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