So I can't believe how fast this month has gone, it feels like it was only July the other day and that soon we will be in September and before we all know it another year will have passed. Scary!. So I thought that I would post my august favourites for you all.

Beauty Products.

1. Boot's natural collection mango and papaya body spray. This smells so nice and I find that weird to say because I really dislike mango smell. As you can see I have used this a lot and will most likely re purchase. 

2. L'oreal studio Matt and messy salt spray. I purchased this at the beginning of August when I was on holiday. I love this stuff, it smells nice and makes my hair look more tousled even without using my wave envy. It also doesn't make your hair damp or sticky after it's been sprayed on.

3. St Ives naturally clear apricot scrub. I have heard loads of great things about this product and I have been meaning to pick it every time I go into boots but my mind is rubbish at stuff like that and I always forgot until I got home. However I finally picked it up at the end of September and have not stopped using it. I could defiantly tell a difference it made to my face and it is now one of my go to products when my acne comes back.

4. Maybelline great lash in blackest black. I picked this up a few months ago and used it a few times and then tried another mascara. I remembered that I had it when packing some makeup for Cornwall and decided to use it and I am in love. It makes my eyelashes look so nice and even, It doesn't clump at all and I can also use this wand for my bottom lashes which is a plus.

5. Maybelline colour tattoo 24hr in pink gold. This is so nice as a everyday barely there eyeshadow. I love the texture and how it just hints at a colour on the lids. It's my favourite colour from this collection and I love how these don't crease and stay on all day. Oh such a wonderful thing when you are on a beach and there is wind, sand and salt flying at you. 

6. Bourjois rouge edition lipstick in rose tweed. This is my go to everyday natural lipstick. It's a nice soft pink colour which just give your lips a subtle colour. It stays on for a long time which is a bonus and applies so nicely to the lips.

None beauty products.

1. The breakfast club. This movie is a classic favourite to loads of people and I had been wanting to watch it for a long time but was scared in case I wouldn't like it. However I was so very very wrong, I didn't like it, I loved it. I have most likely watched this movie every other day and I still can't get enough of it. I love the songs, the characters, the story line and can most likely act out any scene you ask me to do.

2. Warm Bodies. I first saw this as a trailer when watching another movie and I knew I would love it and I wasn't wrong. I didn't get to see it at the movies so I just waited till it came out on DVD and purchased it then. I have loved Nicholas Hoult since I saw him in about a boy and skins and I think he did an amazing job at being 'R' in this movie. I loved the storyline and how different it was to other zombie films that are out.

3. Kindle and Kindle case. Firstly I became obsessed with my kindle while on holiday because it was easy to carry and lightweight and due to the free books I have found some amazing books out there in the book world. Secondly this case is something that I purchased in a cute store in Bude (I think eek!) and it's a brand called Mr Fox. I absolutely adore foxes and they are one of my favourite animals and if i could I would have bought the whole selection but I limited myself to this beautiful kindle cover.

4. "Love" hearts Samsung Galaxy S3 case. I love this phone case, it's so pretty and well made. It's sturdy and such a nice matte feel to it. I love this design and I can't wait to order another. This is from the store sighh and the owner hand draws the designs and also does cases for a large range of phones which I think is amazing. I think everyone should check the store out and maybe make a cheeky purchase.


. Mardy Bum - Arctic Monkeys
. Jesus Christ - Brand New
. Can You Feel My Heart - Bring Me The Horizon
. The House Of Wolves - Bring Me The Horizon
. Empire (Let Them Sing) - Bring Me The Horizon
. Seen It All Before - Bring Me The Horizon
. Crooked Young - Bring Me The Horizon
. Fluorescent Adolescent - Arctic Monkeys
. Best Song Ever - One Direction

Tv Shows.

. Kitchen Nightmares
. WifeSwap USA
. WifeSwap
. Toy Hunter
. Family Guy
. Adventure Time
. Storage Hunters
. Storage Wars
. Bitchin Kitchen
. The Bill

I would love to know what you have been loving this month and thank you for reading.
Emma x

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