I only have a small selection of perfumes but I thought I would show you what I have and my thoughts on them since I've had them all a good while now.

. Deep Night - Ghost
. Dot - Marc Jacobs
. Womanity - Thierry Mugler
. Boudoir - Vivienne Westwood
. White musk - The body shop / Leona Lewis.

Deep night is my all time favourite perfume and this is my 3rd bottle of the stuff which has to tell you something. I just think this has a gorgeous deep smell which borders on a mens fragrance which Is one of the main reasons why I love it. Dot is also another firm every day favourite when I am wanting to smell just that bit more floral. The packaging is just super cute and the new fragrance honey is on my books to buy. Womanity is a hard scent for me to describe but I can say that I really really hate it and that the smell just makes me feel sick and lingers forever (which is a good thing but not when you don't like it!). The bottle is nice and I used to like it some year ago when I first had it but I think my taste has changed. Boudoir is my prized perfume which I hate using in fear of it running out, the scent is incredible and goes from a deep musky spice smell to a lovely subtle smell. The bottle is so cute and my mum is always trying to nab it off me to wear. Lastly I have my new little bottle in my collection (which isn't really new because I've had it a while) I love this as an everyday scent and leaves a nice smell for a long time, the packaging is cute (hello deer made of flowers) and again this is quite a floral musky smell.

Maybe this post has shown me I need some more floral and girlie scents in my life. If you have any recommendations then please leave them below in the comments and I will check them out.

Emma x

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