Hey lovelies,

So I decided to start a fresh new blog due to reasons which range from I'm not happy with my old blog anymore, I wanted a fresh new start, I want this blog to have more of my personality and more personal posts as well as fashion and beauty posts.

So I thought that to get to know me a bit better I could do 10 facts about me that people may or may not know.

1. In primary school I used to want a middle name so bad that I told everyone that my middle name was Jade and they all believed me until at my Birthday party my mum asked why everyone had wrote "Emma Jade" on my cards.

2. I have never broken a bone in my body (Touch wood I won't)

3. I can become obsessed with things pretty quickly and then lose interest just as quick. This has happened with different types of makeup, books, dvd's, jewellery and phone cases. As well as some other things.

4. I had driving lessons until I got told I don't need them anymore, failed my theory twice and gave up. Though I want to start up again.

5. I am a Whovian (Doctor Who), hello kitty fanatic, a Disney fanatic, Sherlockian (Sherlock) and a adventure time fanatic.

6. I love playing old game consoles such as Gamecube, Playstation, Playstation 2 and Sega Genesis.

7.  I can read really fast and I usually can finish a book in a day or 2.

8. I can't do winged eyeliner for the life of me. I keep trying and failing.

9. One of my life goals is to have a road trip around America.

10. I love watching cooking shows and youtube videos of people cooking clean eating meals.

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